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Using Color Strategically in Website Design

Website Design
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Color is a very powerful tool in website design. Attracting attention, expressing meaning, creating desire, directing conversation – all of this and more can be achieved through a smart and strategic use of color. Similar to layout and the tone of your language, the color your visitors see in your website determines how they feel about it, and whether or not they will be returning.

What Makes Color Important to website Design

Colors help increase the recognition of your brand, and also prompt visitors on your site to take action. Any judgement they make subconsciously about your brand may be based on your site’s color palette. Therefore when a website design company first sits to design your website, they first consider 2 things – the emotions your brand wishes to evoke, and the philosophies and cultural contexts it wants to align with.

Colors Spark Emotions

When using color in website design, it needs to integrate seamlessly with all the other elements of the site – typography, copy, and images.

Cultural Context

While different colors may have different meanings to different people, sometimes colors also come with cultural significance. Context is critical to color selection. Often, you may want to choose your brand’s colors depending on the market you wish to target. Depending on where your market is based, the colors on your website may send considerable different messages.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily the case, especially when it comes to significantly large and popular brands whose images are already ingrained into our general psyche.

While color alone isn’t the be-all end-all of website design, it surely plays a major role. When used correctly, the color(s) you portray may become an identifier for your brand.

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